The Benefits of Signage:

  • Get a Boost in Awareness: Whether it’s a  new start-up company trying to let people know they’re there or an existing business that is looking for some additional exposure, adding quality signage is proven to boost awareness. A survey shows that over 50% of foot traffic to a new store comes because of the signs they saw.
  • Advertise a Sale or New Product: Nothing alerts customers of a sale or a new product like a vibrant attention-grabbing sign. High-quality sale signs are like magnets to customers who are ready to buy now.
  • Directly Increase Sales Revenue: Studies show that adding a new sign or changing out an old one directly improves sales revenue.

It is to be noted that among all this clamor for who could conceive the most eye-catching signs, sign-making has itself become a powerful industry with an annual turnover of estimated $50 billion dollars. With all the changes in form and technology, adaptability across cultures and adherence to government guidelines, one thing has remained constant: signs have remained as quintessential to the market and consumer economy as they were several centuries ago.